White Liveries

I know this may be a “noob” question as such, but is there a reason why are so many aircraft liveries white, (before you say it’s not cost as my Father works for a car and aircraft paint manufacturer and I have worked with aircraft paint suppliers before)

All white painted aircrafts exist in real world as well.
Some IF pilots use them to replace non featured liveries.

No, not that, I’m talking about airlines like Delta, and British airways (and indeed - lot of other airlines airlines) whose aircraft are mostly white, (with a bit of blue and red in the case of Delta and BA) Idon’t understand why they don’t make their liveries more interesting/colourful, sorry for any confusion, that’s why it’s in RWA

Not sure if this is part of it, but, it could be.

Paint that can withstand the daily life of an airplane flying for a legacy carrier is not the paint you put on your walls. It’s heavy. There is a lot of paint that needs to be added and colors are heavier than basic white. Metals, etc. to make colored paint may not weigh much more than white on a molecular scale, but it adds up when painting a 737 or especially a 747.

Despite paint being able to withstand a beating, it will ultimately fade due to sun exposure and heat (Environmental factors). Deep colors like a dark blue or green will fade easier than white as time goes on and the livery will look crappier and the plane older (Which is not good for your brand name/public perception). White does not fade as much and even though it can eventually fade away, it takes longer.

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I’m afraid I can prove the first point wrong. I don’t know the science behind it (Apparently it has something to do with Magnesium? At least that’s what my father says)
The second point however makes perfect sense and I should’ve seen it myself😄

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But if you think about it, often people favourite livery aren’t white, just look at the a320 post and see the number of people suggesting the all black New Zealand livery and I’ve heard many people say that Vietnam airlines, Royal Jordan and Air Greenland is their favourite livery.
Whilst these are not

They aren’t all white

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Surprisingly there are some airline with alliances who have very plane aircraft. Basically full white…