White lines at Kuala lumpur

White lines at WMKK running throughout taxiway and runways, definitely does not belong here. Not sure if any other airport may also have this.

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Hi, thanks for the report. We are testing a fix for this issue and will roll it out in the next few days


Ok and I also noticed this at Singapore changi


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Yes, it’s present at a few airports, they will all be solved as it’s the same fundamental bug :)

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We’ve just pushed the fix for this, can you restart the app and let me know if it’s solved? Thanks!

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Misha, there is still another line here

Wrong person :)

Those lines are intentional and are there at the actual airport.

That’s a bit disrespectful from me so sorry 🤣.
Oh alright, didn’t know that. Thanks for the fix.

it is fixed

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