White line on Fuselage and Tarmac

Device: Xiaomi Poco F3
Operating system: Android11

This issue is related with “Visibility”
At low visivility, the line is thick and white colour
At high visibility, the line is thin and black colour

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hope you’re having a great day. what graphics setting were you on when you took this photo. I’m just trying to reproduce it.

I have this same issue and all my stuff is on max settings

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alright, are you having this issue on only the Korean air 777 or other plane and liverys too

Sometimes this happens to my airplanes at weird camera angles at weird times, like it has a slice mark similar to your screenshots. I’m not sure the cause or fix, might be a problem on Infinite Flight’s side.

I have tried to reproduce this,

spawned in with low visibility in the Korean air 777W and LR, tried all camera angles and graphics settings. so far I am unable to reproduce the problem. I currently am on an Ipad so this may be an android related issue.

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