White Floor Issue


I was doing some flying on solo at LFBO and to my surprise it had been snowing.

As much as I yearn for an active weather system in Infinite Flight, I doubt this has been made. Can someone help? Thanks!

Things **not** to ask me
  • Have I reset the scenery cache?
    Yes I have, multiple times

  • Have I changed the visibility to max?
    Yes, I have

  • Have I got a stable connection?
    As shown by the screenshots, yes.

  • Have I restarted the app?
    Yes, and the issue resolves itself, but that doesn’t change the fact that I have experienced this many times on all my devices. An app restart is a temporary solution and a glitch as detrimental as this needs to be looked into in my opinion.

  • What devices do I use?
    An iPhone SE and an iPad mini 2 and yes, they both run the game at a stable framerate on max settings.

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