White flash bug glitch

has anyone experienced a sorta like flash just after take off it’s really hard to get a screenshot of it but hit happens. I had the clouds at FL200. Might be do to with the clouds not sure 🤔


Hi There,I think it’s probably due to the clouds or maybe even the reflection of clouds! It would be better if you could provide A screenshot though!


I’ll try very best to get a screenshot it just goes all white.

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Try recording your screen, then screenshot the frame when the flash happens when viewing the recording.

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Was it when you reached FL200? If so, that was you passing through the cloud layer


Literally just after take off like passing threw 4000ft

This is quite likely the case. I experienced this in the beta when flying at night, but mostly during the day. It’s just the clouds transitioning from being above you, to being underneath you.

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I don’t think he will be able to provide a screenshot! But I’m sure it just to do with the clouds. Does this happen on approach too?

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Yep it does on approach to

This occurs whenever you pass through the cloud layer (broken). This is because the transition isn’t smooth due to the density of the clouds relative to the ground below and the sky above.

Th screen recording attached below provides a visual representation of what you are talking about.

its just you going through the clouds

This is definitely because you were passing through A layer of clouds!

It’s much different it happened when I was like just climbing after rotation. I’ll try and get a pic

Maybe it’s to do with the visibility mine is set to 35 km should I lower it a bit

Got one

Happy on final approach to

He mentions that it’s hard to get a screenshot

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It’s just the clouds

Done a screen recording and done it

Although I understand your concern I don’t think this is worth reporting, it is just the clouds and by the way you said that it is difficult to take a screenshot means it happens very fast so I am 100% sure this is normal

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This is Just the animation of the Aircraft passing the Cirrus cloud level. Nothing to worry about.

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