White dots on screen

Hello.I have a problem. I have white dots appearing on my screen. I opened Anti-aliasing and it fixed it but made it more laggy.The aircraft model is Cessna Caravan. Is there a way to fix this?

Are you able to send a screenshot?

They are too small.Ill try to send.

Make sure to include device information + all the graphics settings.
Unless you have a potato ;)


Picture (It appears everywhere on my screen)
Device Model:Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
Graphics settings:Medium/Low

Are you sure those are not stars?

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Everywhere other than the ground?

It appears on ground too.

Its not stars.(i already set the time to noon)

Can you send a full screenshot.

Thats the only screenshot i got.Its very small and annoying.

You took a small screenshot? Typically on Android holding the power button and down volume button should give you a full screenshot. Alternatively, do you have another device you could use the camera on to send a picture? Something like this is very difficult to determine without some kind of further information


Hopped in to the B777-200F real quick.No dots.The problem is cause of the aircraft i think(or just crisps of toast)

So the only issue here is you’re using your tablet as a plate?

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It was a joke.Its not crisps of toast.

That wouldn’t show up in a screenshot. Unless you send a full screenshot showing the dots all over, whether they are visible or not, the only conclusion we can make is that they are stars.

Okay, well if you plan for us to help you efficiently we need more information. App version, device model and software version, and a full screenshot where possible. It is incredibly difficult to aid you otherwise If we do not know what we are dealing with

I said the device model and graphics settings.The version is Android Oreo

Okay that’s great. We’re getting somewhere. Now all we need is a screenshot.

Sending!Finally took a full screenshot.