White Dots at L35

Was flying some patterns and noticed these little white dots. I checked WED for L35 and saw no white-lined taxi lines in sight.


How to Reproduce

  1. Open Infinite Flight.
  2. Spawn at L35 with a Spitfire.
  3. Taxi to the position I am in the picture.

Additional Info
iPhone 6
iOS 9.1
IF Version


Are those the only ones? (the ones in the photo)

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That’s the only ones I found so far. I’ll go looking out for more later.


Kudos for a great bug report :)

Will try to reproduce and will edit this post if I have the same issue.

EDIT: Could not reproduce.

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What device? I have an iPhone 6.

iPad Air 2, version with the A318, A319.

Got this once again. This time I spawned at the South Ramp, at L35. Free flight server.