White Airways A320-200

No this isn’t an unmarked A320.

I requested this because I just saw it today passing by my house and I liked the livery


If it’s white airways why is the engine blue🤔


I don’t know. White airways has blank A320 ,grey ones and this one witch has blue engines

This is the most basic, simplest livery I’ve ever seen. But it’s still just so amazing somehow… 😍


If liveries are made simple the right way they’re always so amazing!

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Yeah you’re right.

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Well, the fact that their name is White Airways, it doesn’t mean that their plane is completely white…think about JetBlue, their name says Blue, but none of their planes are completely blue (except the Vets livery). They also have a red plane (the FDNY livery) and an almost green plane (the NY Jets livery). 😄

But still a nice livery indeed!

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Everything seems al"white" to me. :)

Nice and simple airline livery. I like it.

Saw this yesterday while at Barcelona I personally love it, simple but lovely