White Air VA

Ladies and Gentleman. Since I got promoted to a member I decided to make my Very own VA and here I am. This VA is a flight passenger VA.

CEO- @TheCuriousPilot



Website Design Manger-

Flight manger-

Route manger-

Flight Instructor-

Captain pilots-

If you are interested of joining the team please with no Hesitation PM me

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A) You don’t need all these posts as a starting out VA.
B) Please put effort into VAs. You should at least have some plans if not a website before you start.


A bit of advice from a va CEO…do not make more then one thread for your va or others might get upset with you. Also do not spam the forums trying to recruit people. Put some more thought into your va before you release it.

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One small tip, you shouldn’t start hiring staff until you are more established.

Another tips you need an ok to good website, interesting routes and fleet, and you need to show the community why they should choose you instead of the others VA.

Good Luck you should start with another VA but you should actually put effort into it.

The thing is guys I need someone who will create the website

And I need help on how to start a VA

Don’t create one if you don’t know how to

Well were do I start @Kieran_Lockhart

Check out my VA’s website,

Any feedback is appreciated…

Check IFES slack and we can continue there

Well I am part of the IFES

Like what they said above, this VA needs A LOT of work. First, I would plan things out, start a website, and then hire staff. VAs aren’t meant to be rushed, and secondly, no need for other forums on here, it gets SUPER annoying.

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Along with the excellent advice above, I would consider renaming it. It seems that you have no particular reason to call it White VA and it’s possible that some people might be offended.


Yeah that’s the first hint I was afraid of

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And, white air is a real-world airline so:
1-We don’t have White Air livery Jets in IF
2- You may have some copyright issues

  1. Have a website
  2. Have someway to communicate with your pilots (Preferably Slack or Discord)
  3. Plan your routes for your pilots to fly
  4. If you’re an Original VA(VA’s not based on Real World Airlines) better start with a small fleet(Try avoiding 747s and A380)

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