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Hello Infinite Flight community!

As we all know, the lovely training server can be cool, but also not. With my luck it wasnt cool. I was Tower for EGLL and there was someone standing onto the runway for about 15 minutes causing:

11 Aircraft holding short for 10-15 minutes, 6 Go-Arounds and a complete chamge to Runway 27R.

Thanks for reading.

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On the training server the rules are a bit less relaxed and there’s not a ton that we can do to resolve folks who don’t want to respect those around them. Now if we have folks who are sitting on the runway or doing circles on the runway or doing other stuff to disrupt traffic its best to send a quick message to @ moderators (delete the space). You’ll notify us immediately. Include as much information with the name of the server, 4 letter airport code, and the names of the players involved.

Sorry you had to deal with this. 😔