Which would you want created? (Which would you join?)

Ouch! Exactly where could I see that?

Yeah. @InfiniteFlightPlays, how often do you fully LF?

Lufthansa and Southwest are neck to neck!

I might be handing over Etihad just like you handed over Qatar.

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Ouch to the ouch could you show me some proof @Furtive_masstwofourf

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Yeah, I would like to see it as well.

They emailed me a while ago. Let me try to find it.

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Okay. But why would they email you?

I emailed and asked them, as well as gave them feedback on my flight.

This wouldn’t stop anything


Lol, but seriously, please don’t close it!

Ooh! Lufthansa is at 48% and Southwest is at 45%

Whichever one, as long as there is no more fighting between VAs over trivial matters.

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I thought Lufthansa was already in operation???

It’s inactive.


Lufthansa only one i like here

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Once we get to 50 votes, the top one will be the one I make!

Bringing this back up because I want more voters :)

So far Lufthansa is winning. Should I do another poll?