Which would you want created? (Which would you join?)

Mods, please don’t close this 😃
##Frontier is now Hawaiian

  • Lufthansa
  • Southwest
  • Frontier
  • WestJet
  • FedEx
  • Spirit

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Lufthansa all the way ;)


All of them

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Okay, but only one will be created. You can vote for all 6, but one will be created. Either SWA or Lufthansa is fine for me.

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TravelSky. =D

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@The_Greatest_Basket votes for Lufthansa

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Moderators only close inappropriate topics. Do you consider your thread as inappropriate? If no, there is no need to write this. :)


Southwest it is for then

No, I’m saying, which would you want to be created!

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Last time they closed a similar topic of mine. This rime, I really need their opinion!

You just started a VA


Changed the title.

I might be handing that over. Not getting a lot of views.

Looks like Southwest and Lufthansa are tied!

Looks like SWA is winning @InfiniteFlightPlays.

SWA for the win!

Lufthansa is international it’s way better for a VA

All of them lol

Frontier has confirmed they do not want people using their airline as a VA.

Here that @SkyHighGuys