Which would be better?

Should this game add a Boeing 727 or DC-10,Airbus A300,or just more private jets and smaller aircraft?

I think private planes

  • Boeing 727
  • DC-10
  • Airbus A300
  • Private Jets
  • Smaller Aircrafts

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Hope you guys vote

#Which Would You Like To See Next?

  • 727
  • DC-10
  • A300
  • Private Jets
  • Other Small Aircraft

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Private stuff. Some general aviation aircraft would be nice.

Im not that big of a fan of older aircraft… I like the newer stuff ;)

Anyone else’s device freezing up when viewing this topic? It may be because of the polls.

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Known issue reported by me.

See: Webpage Freeze

Yeah it’s weird it’s happening to me too?

Me too, recently my iPhone was like a little slow and didn’t responded to the home button, safari no responding.

That’s an issue with a seperate topic all together.

@discourse We seem to be having problems with this topic freezing on a few users devices. Is this also due to the number of polls?

How about newer aircrafts?

Thank for comments

I don’t see your point. This freezing thing is universal.

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