Which will be next to be retired?

Hey which plane do you think will be the next to be retired as the B747-400 is slowly going out and possibly soon the a380

Well if you’re asking about either the 747 or a380 then obviously the 747 (in crying inside) but if you’re talking about afterwards I would say the classic 737s. The max is coming out very shortly, and that means the classics will now be on the level the 737-200 is on now.


I was asking which plane will be next after the b747 and a380. Just think all the jumbo jets being retired I actually can’t believe it

I don’t think the A380 will retire soon.


Lol only built like 10 years ago, A380 has a few more years left 😉


By retired, do you mean ‘stop manufacturing’ or ‘stop flying completely’…?

The A380 has 25+ years left even if they stopped taking orders today (which they haven’t)

The 747 is still being manufactured, so there will still be some in the sky for another 25 years

Classic 737’s are probably next to go - they don’t manufacture them anymore however many are still in service… Southwest is retiring it’s entire fleet over the next 18 months as the Max series goes into delivery.


Most likely the A350.


“Warning, warning, Boeing fanboy detected!” ;)


Well, the 787 could be up next too, A350 is just more fun to say so since it’s newer.


So you’re saying that the newer the plane is, the sooner it will be retired? ;)


Yep, I’m glad you understand.

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The next to go will be the A300s and the A310s. Both are still in service with cargo carriers and with Iran Air. Once Oran air gets their fleet updated the A300/10 is gone for good from passenger use


Actually SATA Air Acores still has A310’s according to their website.

I think the next to go will be A320 Neo.

Nah it must be the 737 MAX.

The MD-80. It’s used by a number of carriers, like American, Delta, and Allegiant. All of these airlines have plans to phase out their “Super-80” fleets within the next 5 years or so.


I think the earliest 763s will start retiring.
The earliest 737s as well

As already stated, probably the MD-80s as well as the A300/310 passenger versions (there are a few left). Unfortunately also the 340s may be phased out slowly due to the fuel consumption. I don’t think that A300/310 or MD-11s as cargo planes will go too soon.

I don’t think the A380 has 25+ years left. They may still be able to fly well and be modern, but a lack of efficiency compared to the 787 and A350, and the 380’s can only be used on high capacity routes, to certain cities. The A350 and 787 are much more versatile.

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I guarantee that the a380 will not be the next aircraft to be retired. It is only 11 years old, and has only been in service for around 7 years. Far from being at retirement age.