Which will be busiest

It’s that time of the week where I ask which airport be busiest.

It says the HUB is Chicago ORD i’ve seen posts where LGA is full on the ES and others. Which one would be busier other than the HUB. My guess is that the airport that is going to busier other than the HUB would be LGA


HUB: Chicago O’Hare* (KORD)

Buffalo (KBUF), LaGuardia* (KLGA), Harrisburg (KMDT), Burlington (KBTV), Portland (KPWM), Indianapolis (KIND), Grand Rapids (KGRR), St Louis (KSTL)

Featured Theme: Chicago Domestic Flights

A good rule of thumb is that if it is starred, it’s probably going to be busy

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I would assume LGA, Tyler even has it marked down so new specialists aren’t supposed to control there, which means he thinks it’ll be pretty busy.

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I would also assume that Chicago-O’hare and LaGuardia will be the busiest airports, and I think that Buffalo will be also busy as well!

Higher Inbound Count = Busier Airport

Use the app and IFATC.org to find inbound counts. It’ll save you a topic a day.

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It’s O’Hare. Of course it’ll be the busiest.

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I mean which will be busier other than HUB

I would go ahead with 99% certainty and say KLGA will be busiest after KORD.

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I think Harrisburg International will be the busiest. It has beautiful scenery, great routes, and they employ the world’s greatest air traffic controllers.

You might even find a certain controller’s initials at the control tower. 👀🥚

yeah yeah yeah… Chicago and LaGuardia will be the busiest


At the time being I see a lot of inbounds already into KORD. Including me.

It will be the busiest. Then also KLGA.

The great thing is that Tyler featured many airports so I suppose the traffic will split.

I’m gonna Say KORD since it has some diversity so long haul flights are included and it’s very big but LGA could be (for regional when ORD-LGA) too since its its a medium size airport so it has potential to hold busy

Also everybody ignored UHPP today.

Tyler’s job location confirmed. 🤪

But in all seriousness, please consider flying somewhere you wouldn’t normally choose. You’d be pleasantly surprised to find unique routes, procedures, and views that you’d otherwise miss out on.

Today’s HUB was an absolute ghost town. I gave a few of our controllers based in Russia and that region an opportunity to pick today’s lineup. I’d imagine it’s disappointing to see little traffic or the typical flock to UUEE. As a general rule, try picking an airport from the bottom of the list on your home screen. Challenge yourself!

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This is precisely the reason why I will be avoiding KORD.

Even though it’s my home airport, as an avgeek, I cannot bear the unrealistic procedures used by IFATC and sheer absurdity of some users spawning at the incorrect gates!

It absolutely pains me to voluntarily not fly to my home airport as a HUB for TWO DAYS in a row! However, I cannot stand seeing landings tomorrow and Thursday on KORD’s 28R/10L 😖😫

This is NOT an attack on IFATC! This is a personal opinion and choice! I realize that with such large load factors inbound to hubs, keeping up with realism isn’t a priority. I fully appreciate all the efforts IFATC put in here! Thank you for all that you guys do!

Well…Good luck in LGA it’s pretty safe for realism Unless Something bigger than a DC-10 Arrives

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