Which websites do you buy model aircraft/T-shirts from?

Hello, I’m looking to purchase model aircraft or any other aviation related items such as mugs, T-shirts, posters etc… with printed aircraft pictures on them!

I was just wondering what websites you guys use to buy these kind of things or if you know of any good websites/online stores that sell the type of stuff I’m looking for!

Many Thanks,

FDS has its own store in which they sell t-shirts. As for scale models, check using the search bar, I believe there´re 3 more topics related to yours.

Seeing as this is in #real-world-aviation . He is asking if where he can buy (real) aircraft related things, not IF.

He asked for t-shirts also.

T-Shirts with real aircraft on.

Aviation Mega Store.
Aviation Retail Direct.

Look at http://www.herpa.de/herpa_cms/(S(motie53f54zq5kodiiw0foha))/Default.aspx?lang=en-GB&rbid=193&art=0&pg=1&print=0


I get my model aircraft from GeminiJets.

I buy my model aircraft on Amazon, they’re decently priced, I buy Skymarks 1/200 or bigger, they’re kinda expensive if you get the rare ones, maybe $50-80. But common ones go around at about $25-45!

I get mine from ebay