Which version of Discourse is this forum?

What is the Discourse version for this forum?

Reason for asking is I found a beta browser app for Android which I’m struggling to get working with this forum.
The blurb does say that the forum must be 0.9.x upwards. It won’t work with 0.8.


I tried to login with the app. Is the name of this forum “Infinite Flight”?

The login failed, now the app keeps crashing :/

I entered discourse.infinite-flight.com
But it won’t let me log in or read categories even as a logged out user.
I’ve emailed support for the app to see if they will help.

@Nik, which browser, just out of curiousity. Im using Chrome beta, or did you mean like a forum specific browser?

It’s a forum specific browser / interface.

Still in beta but judging from the comments/reviews not working very well.
I’ve volunteered for testing to the dev .

Read up some more on this client. It was last updated in Nov '13 and doesnt work with the latest versions of Discourse. Abandoned by its dev he has offered the source code via Github to anyone who fancies taking on the task of getting it to work with the new version.


@ValXp Java is your territory ;)
iOS though… could integrate into my app someday. Only question is time.

I don’t really see the point of using a native app when there is a mobile website that works fine.
That would make sense why the project has been abandoned.

You get better notifications normally through a client with the app performing periodic checks and using the notifications bar (I don’t like email notification personally). And it’s normally a cleaner interface than the mobile version of a forum.

But this isn’t a bad mobile version. Shame the client was abandoned though.

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For me, push notifications would be very cool. I haven’t received anything about Nik replying on this post, and Chrome notifications don’t seem to work for me after explicitly enabling them. Mobile version is pretty good though.

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Is it possible to integrate this forum into our own app with custom push notifications?
I’m getting some emails here and there, but it seems unreliable.

@carmalonso not sure if you get a notification if someone reply to the thread instead of directly to your post unless you are tracking the thread.

@Jonathan this requires a bit more active tracking than the facebook app indeed. You have to actively check the site to see what’s up. I know it adds a bit of friction, but I believe this is only temporary, until we get the habit, and native notifications website notification support get better (i doubt it will take long until iOS supports it).

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@Jonathan, that being said it should be easy to create a simple app that wraps the site into a native WebView and use native push notification. This is a cool small project for our awesome community :smile:

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Now, if there’s an API, I could quite happily have a crack at this in a few weeks… My app already supports push notifications for weather conditions, I could write something that tracks and delivers notifications for this forum too :)

I know for sure I don’t visit this forum half as much as I visit Facebook, hopefully this will change over time.


I’m actually the other way around again to you.
Now beta isn’t on Facebook, I haven’t bothered looking at it all week.
I may even uninstall it.
I do appreciate that I am getting old though before someone kindly points this out. 😆