Which VA to join?

Alright, here is a tip that I have, not trying to advertise here.

If you want a more intimate experience, join the smaller VAs. They are closer and I believe that you will have a much better experience.


What are the smaller VA’S

Of the ones I listed above Alaska, Wizz, and Aloha are the smallest.

I’d say newer ones that are still growing, but not inactive ones, of course

Are you looking for a realistic VA or something more relaxed? That is a big aspect when trying to choose VAs.

More realistic

What were you thinking?

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Sorry to sound like a repeat, but all of the VA’s above all are very realistic, most of them have career modes, and all of them follow the routes of their modeled-after airline.

I see you Jarrett, I see you.

Emirates VA

@AGForLife Please check your PMs in a second, I’ll help you in there.

Continuing here does no good, it’s starting to become an advertisement thread faster than it seems.

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Then please check out Emirates Virtual’s thread:

Thank you and good day.

Thanks for the help

It always seems that when these kinds of topics pop up, everyone uses it an an excuse to plug their own VAs/VOs.

Correct me if i’m wrong.

However, as stated go to ifvarb.com for a full list of VAs and VOs to join. Don’t make these threads as they always will turn into people trying to plug their own VA.

I like to join VAs that I can relate to or that are in my region. For example, I like in PDX so I joined Alaska for a short time. Then I moved to Aloha.

Since you live in DFW, I think a good fit would be American Virtual.

Or since your favorite is United, then join United Virtual.
But it is entirely up to you.

A lot of VAs use something called Career mode. There’s different levels of “Career modes”. Most will make it so you depart from the last airport you arrived at. Others are more relaxed, so you can fly whatever route you want

Good luck in whatever VA you choose!

Yeah, I’ve seen them around. They look alright. I have never been a part so only mnow as much as you do, but good luck anyway. I hope you dind a VA you like!

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@AGForLife Whatever VA you choose best of luck to you, and I hope that you are satisfied. Nothing is better than finding one, two, or maybe more VA’s that are fun to be in! It really enriches your IF experience!

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Quite a few suggestions have been made now, thanks everyone!

What I suggest is to have a browse through the #live:va category and the IFVARB database.

You’ll find all existing VAs in those list. Apply to those that speak to you the most! If it doesn’t work out you can always apply elsewhere too 😊