Which VA to join?

I am looking for a VA to join and open to suggestions from the community.


It’s up to you! Whatever airlines you’re interested, maybe choose one that has a hub near you!

Head over to ifvarb.com and choose a VA that you like! Additionally, you can have a look at the #live:va category of the forum.

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I am just looking for suggestions from the community

Do you prefer cargo is passenger flights?

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Well, I’m not going to make any suggestions, for the purpose that it doesn’t turn into an advertisement thread.

I’d suggest looking through the #live:va category and ifvarb.com


I would prefer passenger flights

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Good point, ifvarb.com is the best way to find approved VAs

Join United Virtual!

My personal unbiased opinion is UVAL is a pretty great VA.

Disclaimer: I’m not in any sort of staff position, I’m simply a pilot there

I suggest (I am not a part of all of these)

Southwest VA, Delta VA, American VA, Aloha VA, United VA, or Alaska VA if you are looking for American Va’s.

I suggests British Airways VA, Easyjet VA, Wizz Air VA, AF/KLM VA, and Emirates VA if looking for European.

I suggest IFGAC if looking for General Aviation.


I think I know what VA i would like to join

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Alright, here is a tip that I have, not trying to advertise here.

If you want a more intimate experience, join the smaller VAs. They are closer and I believe that you will have a much better experience.


What are the smaller VA’S

Of the ones I listed above Alaska, Wizz, and Aloha are the smallest.

I’d say newer ones that are still growing, but not inactive ones, of course

Are you looking for a realistic VA or something more relaxed? That is a big aspect when trying to choose VAs.

More realistic

What were you thinking?

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Sorry to sound like a repeat, but all of the VA’s above all are very realistic, most of them have career modes, and all of them follow the routes of their modeled-after airline.