Which VA to join and how

I am looking to join a VA but I don’t know which one to join and how to join. I have applied for a few but not sure if I did right thing as no one has got back to me.

(Not sure If this is right place to post this)

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Hello! This should be posted in the #live:va category in the future. If you applied today, give them some more time to review your application. Depending on the airline, it shouldn’t take more than 1-2 days. If its been more than a week, I would contact them to confirm they’ve received it. Some VA’s I’d recommend is Delta Virtual, American Virtual, FedEx Virtual, Airbus Virtual, British Airways Virtual and United Virtual.

AAVA is one of the largest and most professional with a ton of code shares

Sorry I’m fairly new to Infinite flight community so not quite sure where to post this! Should I remake it on the different topic? I applied like 5 or 6 days ago and still no response so I thought I would post this.

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I strongly recommend you take a look at this list and draw your own conclusions. Find a VA that suits you. Take a look at their threads too, it’s a fantastic indication of quality.

No matter your flying style or aircraft taste, there’s an airline for you. It’s best to choose one yourself rather than the one that someone else tells you is the best, it’s all opinionated after all.


Thanks! I suppose I was asking other people to see which VA would respond back to me and which ones were the biggest and most realistic

I would recommend AAVA definitely because I’ve joined in November I believe and honestly haven’t had a second thought since. The staff is extremely helpful, we have regular events and we follow procedures very well. Join us but also you should your research before making your final choice. Good luck bud!!

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Definitely AAVA comes the closest

Thank you so much! I’ve looked at it and really like the airline fleets and routes. I’m not quite sure if I will join now as I still want to look at a few more but it’s definitely one of my favourites

Rather than being pressured into joining one single VA, it’s also worth mentioning to you that the doors are open for you at nearly every single VA, and there’s nothing stopping you from applying at multiple different ones to see which you like the best.

Definitely hense the reason I stated to do his research before making his final decision. I don’t believe he’s being forced because that’s not fair or wise mate.

I’m not being pressured at all he’s just being really helpful to me! I can join a few VA at the same time anyway

Don’t worry mate your being helpful and I’ve been doing a lot of research this past week and still looking at different airlines!

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Definitely my friend, I wish you the best of luck to you.

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Thanks I am excited to see what airline I join!

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I’ll be looking out for ya in the skies

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