Which US airline would you say is the WORST?

Nah, American’s the worst. Horrible service. Mega delays. At least in economy class.

I was just on American and I had the best experience ever!

Well for LCC’s yes. In general? No

If they can fly, land and takeoff, it’s a good airline.

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Of those three I’ve only flown United. I don’t think I’ve ever flown Delta. American doesn’t fly to EHAM.

I do find this to be sort of a negative topic.
Why would you want to know which one is the worst?
Why not ask which one is the best and which ones need to do better and why?
That would be much more positive and productive, right?

I understand what you mean, but I just wanted to see if people shared the same ideas as me and perhaps could see what airlines to avoid.

I flew on United’s B787-8. Uncomfortable seats, but tasty cheese and ham sandwiches.

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United’s alright. The service at American is horrible though. Once, in Phoenix, my flight was delayed for about 7 hours. First, we taxied to the runway. Then, we turned back to the gate because of “computer problems”. Then, we pushed back and sat there for another 30 minutes. We then went right back to the gate, de-boarded, and had to get on another flight. They barely told us anything, and the staff weren’t very nice.

I need to get my priorities straight. Who cares about the seat? I want a good Sandwich! I’ll be on the next United flight out of Manchester, I’m booking it now.

Of course! Everything’s better with United’s cheese and ham sandwiches.

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Lol!!! I never tried them

Imma pretend like I know what that is… I fly with United and American a lot and neither offered any complimentary food (except for drinks). So I would think (without actually flying with Delta recently) that Delta would be somewhat nice considering they offer cookies.

American and United

I am stuck between Delta and American. Delta just wasn’t very good quality. American was that and I had a flight attendant that was old and mean.

I never flew with an American airline, except Delta. So I don’t know which airline is worst.

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