Which type of ATC are you?

  • Ground
  • Tower
  • Approach
  • Departure
  • Center

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I’m a Ground and Tower person, I can’t handle the stress of approach…


Tried Centre once. Quit after about 30 seconds.


Same. It’s kinda boring :/

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I’m only qualified for ground and tower in IFATC.


Don’t control much in PG, but when I do, since I’m trying to become IFATC in June (when I’ll turn 14) I try to do tower and ground. I got PG KLAX twice, and in both of those sessions, a horde of aircraft. Even KNUC is a nightmare.


I can’t handle the nimrods on the Training Server.


just want to challenge myself.so i try to all type

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I’d like to spend more time on center. I’m not 100% clear on the overall role of the job since center typically just keeps traffic separated from sector to sector IRL. For the sake of realism I’d like to spend more time learning center just to offer the IF experience to pilots on Expert. I agree with @PlanesForLife regarding the nimrods on training.

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I’m a ground/tower controller in IFATC. I don’t really have an interest in working radar facilities due to me training to be a ground/tower controller IRL.


So far I’m ATC Specialist (Ground & Tower on the Expert Server), but I think about making the test for radar facilities (APP, DEP, CTR) sometime soon.

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I’m an IFATC Officer which means I can control any frequency. Although my favourite is approach

Can you be an ATC only for ground on expert server?

No you can control both Tower and Ground as soon as you pass the test. But there is a separate test for the Radar frequencys

Currently only qualified and ranked as a Ground and Tower controller.

Ground and tower IFATC here for ya :)

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Approach is easier than tower especially on Training server bc more people listen to you as approac vs tower (eg. People won’t go around etc.)

I’m an ATC officer, so I can control all facilities on expert. Approach is my favorite.

When you can control this many aircraft and had them line up like ducks, I bet approach is a dream! I was in awe of this controller. I was enjoying watching him/her work more than I did the flight! Felt more pressure on me to do everything to the letter and not mess the traffic flow up! 😂 (Canberra, Expert Server, 7am AEST)


That was probably @anon66442947 doing a fantastic job

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