Which Tri-Jet?

So let’s say the IF devs decided to add tri-jets into the game, but they told the community they can only choose ONE for now.

Which Tri-Jet Would You Pick?

  • MD-11
  • DC-10
  • Boeing 727
  • Hawker Siddley Trident
  • Tupolev Tu-154
  • Lockheed L-1011 TriStar
  • Other

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If you chose Other, say what aircraft it is in the comment. Thanks!


Just saying (you don’t have to) I would advise you to put an “other” option in the poll, what if someone wanted to vote for the Yakovlev Yak-42😄 The Dassault Falcon could also be described as a tri-jet


I forgot about “Other”. Thanks :)

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Dc-10 or MD-11. Classic tri-holers.

727 The orginal aircraft so common in the skies that it could be like a house sparrow.

The Hawker Siddley Trident came out a year before the 727 you know. ;)

@FlyFi… Don would you please search the archives before you post another brilliant topic like tri-jets which has been repeated here infinitem! The consensus from past post indicated tri-jets, all of them where failures and killer
This topic was dead on delivery. Only Peanuts with limited aviation history Knowlege would consider this failed design. Even the the Russians who copied the MD-11 junked there copy in a very short time. Max Sends
(Know your Aviation history what was the designation for there tri-Jet relic?)

Explains why Fed-Ex, UPS, Lufthansa and Martinair use the MD-11 for their cargo. The MD-11 is the successor of all past tri-jets.

Also, I couldn’t find a topic that asks which Tri-Jet they would like to see in Infinite Flight.

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I was referring to it being the first heavily produced aircraft (1,000+ aircraft).

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Try MD-11 in your search. The Cargo guys Fly second hand craft and get there spares from the bone yard and fixed off shore. I said there people killer not bad boxcars. Max

(A pig by any other name is still a pig)

Forbes Jan 2012:

Sadly, the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 was never loved.

Nevertheless, several hundred airline geeks and other fans jorined KLM on Tuesday Nov. 11 to honor the three-engine aircraft and to say goodbye, and some even flew on one of three special farewell flights over the Netherlands.

The last MD-11 commercial flight was Oct. 26, when KLM’s last MD-11 touched down at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. KLM had operated ten MD-11s and was the last passenger airline to fly one. Now, the MD-11 will fly only for cargo carriers.

@Boeing… 50 years ago! Want a classic ask for a DC-3. Max

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My bad ;) filler

Surprised how little love there is for either the Tristar or the Trident. But hard to pick, all are great aircraft

Btw, with all due respect Max - neither Russian nor Soviet engineers copied the MD-11. Frankly, I can’t remember a single design that we did that resembles it that made it even into the prototype stage. - having two members of my family serving in military and civil aviation, and having access to a lot of literature besides that (which covered everything from experimental one-offs to full-scale production and revenue service models), I’ve been fortunate enough to get sufficient insight into the industry on that side of the globe, - and there’s nothing that would be described as an MD-11 copy. I don’t even recall any designs with a comparable engine config.

Mind you though, if you can think of the designation, link me up - I’d be more than happy to read about it

Ah yes, I remember this one now :) still, it was an L-1011 and had its origins in a license-built model… Thanks for the link mate

I go MD-11. Great aircraft, Passenger and Freighter. It had winglets, and it was longer than the DC-10.

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MD11 with KLM and Martinair liveries

MD11 with Alitalia livery 😍


727 the original Boeing bestseller over 1500 made