Which Tri-Jet is your favorite and have you flown on one before.

I like the MD-11 the most, even though I never have been able to fly on one. Has anyone spotted them and/or flown on one?


I prefer my cabin pressurized and not on fire.


I like the MD-11 as well.

I like the landings and takeoffs they look great.

I have never flew with any of the three Trijets but looking at them i feel that DC-10 looks the best of them all

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The dc-10 is a great bird but they have gone to retirement too fast

I love the DC-10!

DC-10 Hands down!

DC-10 is the most iconic, but I do enjoy the Md-11F

Flew on a DC-10 and some 727’s back in the 80’s.

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Dassault Falcon :) Never been on any Tri-Jet though.

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I like the 727 and the one I flew was none. They were gone by the time I was born.

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I flew on the Tu-154 when I was a kid, good fun. Great airplanes… - hard to pick a favourite for me, but probably the Tristar or the -154


Definitely the md-11 too bad all the tri jets are gone

FedEx still flies a lot of MD11’s. They aren’t dead yet :) Dc10 is my favorite tri jet

Well I mean that you can’t fly on them anymore but at least some md-11’s are still alive :)

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Sure you can if you pack yourself into a crate!

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On day, the tri-jets will appear again ☺ without fires

Or sudden loss of cabin pressure and control surfaces, or engines for that matter.

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