Which tablet runs IF better?

Hello everone,I’m about to buy a new tablet but i wonder which runs the app better,especially global.
here is comparsion of the two tablets i can’t decide to buy.

If one of the devs responds,it will be safer.

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I would prefer Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 more. Although if you can afford more, it would be better to buy Galaxy Tab S3 instead as its newer ;)

I’m 100% sure Galaxy Tab S3 can handle Global perfectly

I’m not too used with iPad (my iPad sucks) so I prefer Galaxy Tab more 😉


I play infinite flight on my iPad pro & Iphone 6S +. The iPad pro runs like my PS4, the frame rate has always been very high and the graphics performance is amazing. It’s The exact same on my phone.


i play on my LG G3.In live,fps drops during take offs and landings.Yeah IF makes me buy a new device :) Thanks for the replies btw.

I currently use my Galaxy Tab S2 and everything runs smooth even with all settings to max.

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I wonder if fps drops or it is still smooth in live mode when all seetings to max,including the setting that shows you airplanes nearby ?

edit:especially when you take off and landing

IPad Air 2 over here. Works perfectly, no lag whatsoever.

The best tablets are iPads, the Air + will will perfectly but I would say get the Air 2+ to guarantee it performs well with global.

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Get the iPad Pro 9.7 inch, it is amazing at running IF.

God, stop it with these annoying topics! Do your own research, and find out for yourself. But since I’m already replying, I suggest:

  • iPad Pro 9.7": the best but kind of expensive
  • “iPad”: the newest, not as good as the iPad Pro, but cheaper
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iPad Pro 12.9, runs like a dream, full graphics not a single slow down

Even when the airport is crowded it runs smooth, but the nearby planes aren’t the same quality like you but I think this is normal

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Hey, I can’t comment on the Tab S2, but I’ve recently got an Nvidia Shield K1 and its awesome, smooth flying even o max settings.

What I like the most is that you can connect to a TV or monitor with an HDMI cable and use Console Mode, whats great about Console Mode is that it uses your TV or onitor resolution and the screen real estate is a lot greater than what you get if you just use the tablet.

I hope that makes sense, if not I can provide you pics later.


iPad 3 and iPad Pro 12.9 over here but as you suggest nevida shield or Samsung S2 ,I would prefer the S2 over shield

I think it depends on if your an IOS user or an android user. I prefer IOS and if you like Apple I would try and hold off for the new ones to be announced over the summer or in September. I personally want the latest specs for Infinite Flight especially with Global on the way.

These topics are getting out of hand;
I suggest you read that article in the main thread and if you stil cant make a decision i suggest you look elsewhere. Here are an abundance of “best device for IF” threads i found from one minute of research;

At the end of the day its your money and ,by this point, if you cant make a clear decision about those two devices i suggest you look elsewhere


@D_Gee we gotta try to make this guy but the K1

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