Which suffix should i choose and for which plane?

When i prepareing for flight i’m pondered what suffix me need to choose?

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This topic should be in #live since it is pertaining to IF within the game. The callsign suffix’s are to be used for specific situations.


Flight of 2 ( only to be used while having a formation flight )

Heavy ( to be used when over a certain aircraft weight )

Make since? When you click on the suffix it will give you a description of what that suffix means and make sure you meet the criteria before fully selecting the option.


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To add on to Blake here, the Heavy suffix should only be used in an aircraft over 136 tonnes (136,000kg), and if you are flying an a380, you should use super :)


Yup and also the flight of X is only for formation flights
Also this topic isn’t for supprt, put it in #general

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Agreed! It isn’t an issue, it’s just a question.

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Yeah or #live , thats good

Note: There is an exception for the 757. Even though it is lighter than 136000kg, a number of aircraft flying behind it in a ‘normal’ separation has experienced issues. Therefore, the spacing should be put accordingly to heavy airplanes.
Tip: Wake turbulence is the determining factor. Which means the 757 generates a lot of it.

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