Which subscription???

Hi everyone!, I’ve had IF for probably over a year now but I’ve just made a community account!
I’m thinking about starting a live subscription, but I’m unsure about which one to get.
The plus, obviously, looks more appealing but my question is this:
If I got the plus but later on down the line, I wanted to switch to monthly payments, would i lose all my aircraft and regions - even if I’ve made 3 or 4 yearly payments? It just would be nice to know I will have the option to switch, rather than being confined to one option.
Thanks! And happy flying!! 😀👍

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Get live+ its well worth it


When live+ runs out, all your aircraft dissapeard with it.
If you stay with live+ you will save money ratherthan buying live each whic will cost you more.


Thanks for answering my question guys! :p
I think I’ll just go with live plus if I decide to get it 😀

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Welcome to the community! Live + also costs $10 USD less per year, as well as getting all the aircraft and regions, and it benefits you in the longrun!

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Yes I bought live plus a month or two ago instead of treating myself to a new plane/region for £4.99 a month, it started to seem expensive for one plane all that cash, so then you get updates and everything for basically nothing when buying a live+

For those of you who are in the States…as we say…can two $25 GPS cards now be used to purchase an IF multiplayer subscription…or can you only use a charge card still…