Which SR22 Do YOU Prefer?


So, out of these two SR22s which do your prefer?

-1- Cirrus SR22 Gen 5

-2- Cirrus SR22GTS Gen 6

Specs wise, there isn’t much of a difference, apart from the GTS Gen 6 has a Oxygen system, as well as being heavier. The Gen 5 non-turbo is not capable of flying higher than 10,000 feet without a external oxygen supply, however the Gen 5 is lighter.

Also, why do you prefer it?


Curtosey of @aviationex_91190


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It’s not the difference in Livery it’s the difference between the Gen 5 and GTS Gen 6.


Please tell me the difference between them


I can see how this post confused @AndroidPilot,

If your going to compare Gen 5 and 6 of the SR22 and ask for our opinions at the end, atleast give us some specs from both sides. Performance, your opinion etc. A little more substance to the post.


I guess gen 6 because it’s probably newer…


Edited, hope it gives you more of a idea, there is Pros and Cons for both…


Add a poll to the topic I think

  • SR22 Gen 5
  • SR22 Gen 6

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Ok, I made a poll.


I say gen 6 is better. Those scissor doors are awesome! 😍


Indeed, I believe that you can open/close them via a remote.


I like the G6 more but the picture you chose for the G5 isn’t exactly doing it justice, just saying…


Hope these give you more of an overview in the G5


I knew this topic was about to come up! =D


I saw a Gen 6 at an aircraft display the other day:

It’s a beautiful plane! (My photos)


Beautiful aircraft, if you don’t mind answering, what Airfield was that at?


It was an AOPA fly in at KMSO. I will be posting a topic in the next few days with more pictures and videos from the event.


Nice! I love the G6 😍😍😍


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