Which small jet to buy?

Hello, everyone. I am just one purchase away from 20 purchases and getting the BBJ, so I’d like to ask you what you think I should get as a small jet to practice on before I buy a live subscription. Some of you may remember my other post, but I decided that it wouldn’t be worth getting some of the options on that list so if you could vote on this one that would be great. It should be able to land on many of the Class E airports that I must start with that my beloved 787 can’t land on. Or should I just get another region since the BBJ would work? Also, please don’t suggest Live+, because it’s out of my budget and my dad wouldn’t approve of me spending $50 at once, especially since I just got two Dreamliners recently. Please read through the post. Also if you have any of these planes a run through of how the planes fly would be greatly appreciated.

  • Airbus A318
  • Airbus A319
  • Airbus A320
  • Cessna Citation X
  • Region (since I’m getting the BBJ anyway, please specify in comments)

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The CCX is a powerful little beauty, but the A320 series all come with Autoland. My vote still goes for the CCX though, makes you feel exclusive 😜 Also, to start off with Live, you can go to the Casual Server, which, as far as I know, doesn’t have any restrictions, so you can go right up and start flying anywhere. Then you can work your way up the Grades!

Do you have the Erj-170? It’s pretty good, they’ll add more liveries when they rework it.

Yep, all of the E-Jets. Just don’t like how little liveries there are so far.

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But when I do fly on expert, will I have to start with the smaller airports?

A320 is more practical IMO.

I’m leaning towards the A319 over the A320 because it has Air Canada and more liveries I’m more likely to use. How do the two compare in terms of flying?

Essentially the same, the A319 is just lighter.

Not necessary. I’m pretty sure since the new update with grades, there are no more airport restrictions, since there’s no standard to really restrict you on

So I can fly to all airports right off the bat in all servers?

There are still airport restrictions for your plane being too big but none for being too small.

In the past, you had to have a certain standing to access certain class airports, but now that standing is gone, I think that is too. The thing about it is that right off the bat, you don’t have access to the Expert Server, since you start at Grade 1. Keep flying, and you will eventually reach Grade 3, which is the lowest level to gain access to Expert Server.

Get A320 m8

So basically once I reach Grade 3 I can fly between two class B airports in expert right away?

Yes you can.

Okay thanks.

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