Which simbrief aircraft has most similar performance specs to the a330neo

I always use simbrief to prepare flights and determine fuel requirements, cruise, etc…

as of now simbrief does not have a profile of the a330neo–it’s probably too new. however, simbrief does have presets for the a359/x and a333; which one do you think is most similar to the a330neo?

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I also use Simbrief to plan my flights and I’ve realised this issue as well. I select the A330-300 as the aircraft as this is the most common aircraft in comparison to the A330-900neo.

It’s got similar characteristics overall.

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The A330 for sure.

what would you say is the cruising speed for the neo? is it M.80-.82 like the old a333 or M.84-.86 like the a350?

Cruising speed for the neo is the same at M.82 and the maximum cruising speed is M.86.

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Make a custom A330-300 profile, set the MTOW to 251T, adjust MZFW/Structural weights, engine type, and rename it.
Do a flight with it using the standard fuel burn profile, and then adjust it after landing (keep note of the planned/actual numbers on your OFP) and then find the burn reduction during your cruise phase and then adjust your fuel bias accordingly,

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I do indeed use Simbrief, and I have created an airframe based on the parameters (weights) of the HiFly A330neo.

  • Engine make
  • Seating configuration
  • MTOW


Hope this helps…


  • Simbrief compatible airframe

Source of aircraft info…

Please note as of the time I’m positing this for the first time on Thursday 17th September 2021 at 05:37Z (06:37BST),I haven’t yet made a flight plan using this airframe!

I will of course update this comment if I change weights or fuel factors as necessary.

Hope this helps to get you started!

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