Which side is right side for take off?

I play live, and always listen to tower, ground etc? At Heathrow I asked to take off at runway 9L. Which sides are the correct sides to take off? From the large red line to the short end. Or the short part of the red line to the large red line? I took off from small red line to large. I got a message from tower " please get in contact with community flight instructions. So this is why I’m asking this.

What’s the large red line?

if you go to settings, and turn on “airport names”, it will show you what runways which, so at Heathrow, if they tell you to taxi to 09L, you know where to go

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I think he means the ILS

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Oh right

The ILS is for approach, it just tells you if you are off the runways centre line and if you are too high/low

For takeoff you just need to takeoff from the number (eg: 09L) the ATC tells you to

You have to take off on the side with the green number above it, or, if wind conditions permit, either end. It really depends on what the air traffic controller decides.


Chosen Runway Selector

If only Unicom is available then yes the green marker is the correct chosen end, alternatively you may choose to use an alternative end at your desecration :-)

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Thank you everybody for your help. So I take off from the end of runway. IE. London Heathrow. On the Tarmac it says 27R/L on the Tarmac. Take off from that end. As someone said. Where also the numbers are green or sometimes orange. So it was controller fault. They sent me a message for taking off on wrong end of runway. Thanks again