Which should I buy? 777-200LR or 777-300ER

Hi guys I wanna buy new plane but wich one?
Global is coming so I thought I could take the 777 Long range but I like also 777-300 .
Wich one is better?

  • 777 LR
  • 777-300
  • No one

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I would go for the one which has your favourite liveries. They both handle very similarly so it is just a case of liveries.


I think this topic is not needed. Take just what you prefer :/


The problem is I prefer both


The 300er is better and have more and better liverys


This is a fine topic. It gets everyone talking about their favourite planes.

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There is no 777-300 in IF unless you mean the 777-300ER, the 300 and 300ER are different. They’re not the same.

What about all the other ones that have been created

If you can fly without tailstrike, buy 300ER.
If you can’t, buy 200XX.

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Just buy Live+



I have, and fly both on a regular basis. Both will be good for Global, although the 777-200LR will allow you to do flights such as Sydney - Vancouver. The -300 has the most liveries, but if you don’t care about liveries and want longer flights, go for the -200LR

It is definity a tail of two liveries. However Air Canada, Emirates, Qatar are on both planes.

Maybe save money for global - 'cause it’s certainly not going to be free!

777-300ER has more liveries.
It’s honestly a no-brainier.
And, if you want a smaller 777, get the 777-200ER, the LR has very little liveries

Absolutely -300 it’s newer. It’s the only variant I have, it’s really good.

Being honest, I would suggest you to check out the routes you plan to do in global first. After that try to balance range and capacity…
The -200LR has greater range but carries less passengers.
The -300ER has lesser range but carries more passengers. Besides that, it has the beautiful and powerful GE90-115b and some nice liveries.

The links are different (one for the -200LR and the other one for the -300ER)

Isn’t the 300ER longer than the 300? Or does one simply have the longer distance

300ER means it has extended range.

Thank you very much !!! I 'll be waiting until I receive a new gift card and then I ll buy both and live!

777-300, bigger is always better