Which service should use I to store my photos and videos?

So I take a lot of pictures and videos of infinite flight. And being the size of the game and all that stuff it doesnt take long before I have to delete pictures. So i decided to make a google drive folder. Here are some benefits of putting your pictures and videos in there.

  1. You will have lots of space for pictures and videos so they dont flig up your phone
  2. Easy to acess your photos and videos.
  3. You will never run out of space. Just make another folder when one gets full.

So, my point is if you run out of space and want somewhere to keep your videos and pictures instead of deleting them then make a google drive folder. It’s the easiest and most efficient route as far as I know.

That is incorrect.

Google offers 15Gb of space for free.
All Google services (Google Drive, Gmail, Google Photos) make use of the same storage space.

If you need more than 15Gb you’ll have to pay a monthly fee.

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Keep reading.

@Jan As far as I know, Google Photos (and other Google services combined) offers 15GB cloud storage, but…

Read this:

"Google Photos has two storage settings: “High quality” and “Original quality”. High quality includes unlimited photo and video storage for photos up to 16 megapixels and videos up to 1080p resolution (the maximum resolutions for average smartphone users in 2015).[6] Original quality preserves the original resolution and quality of the photos and videos, but uses storage quantity in the users’ Google account.[8] For the Google Pixelphones, it offers unlimited storage at Original quality for free.[9] The storage is shared with Gmail and Google Drive, it’s called Google One. Up to 15 gigabytes of storage is offered for free with paid plans available from Google One.[10]

Source: [Wikipedia] - with more details about Google Photos (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Photos)

The information I shared is directly from Google.
It seems to depend on what type of account you have, but the statement is still wrong in most cases.


What @Jan said is totally correct.
If you use GDrive to store pictures, unless you pay for extra space, you’ll get the basic 15GB. That’s not unlimited.

Google Photos though offers unlimited option, if you meet their criteria in terms of image and video resolution. If your files have resolution above the limit, those were also come off of your overall Google storage no matter if you’ve uploaded them to Photos or to Drive!

I’m planning to use Google Photos myself been thinking about it for a long time now, so your idea is really great and helpful.

Have a look at this article:


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I’m just gonna close it cause if you make more folders you can have more stuff. I know that.

I just pay $2 a month for Cloud space and get 200GBs to store and I’ve not had any issue so far.


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