Which server will you fly the XCUB on, expert or casual?

Where will you fly XCUB? Only in casual you won’t get violation landing anywhere. Tough choice!

  • Expert server with instrument App (egll, klax)
  • Casual server, Bush flying (anywhere)

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ill prob test out in solo/casual before flying it in expert


Only problem is you can only land on runway in expert …will the dev make concessions just for XCUB to land outside airport boundaries on expert?!? 0.0

you can always use the grass fields(which are actually runways)

Yeh I know what you mean…close enough to bush flying, those grass runway could be poor mans bush flying ;)


Looks like Tyler Shelton already have some plans for GA events on Expert ;)

I feel like this could go into this topic.

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If I post it there it will get lost in translation. People loose interests in Long thread after few days.


Same, although I’d definitely return for some bush flying! ;)

I’m about to be like Trent Palmer, except with a Cub and not a Kitfox!


I would never fly anything, especially an aircraft I’ve never flown on expert. Im scared of ghosting and vios.

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I wouldn’t fly it at all

Why wouldnt you fly it?
Looks like a good aircraft

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I agree but I don’t like it.
I prefer jets, and some GA aircrafts.
But that’s a good addition for the ones that likes it :)

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I will probably fly it on E/S, because if they put in a new A/C, there will probably not be too many glitches so it will be safe to fly. Also, if I’m not mistaken, the XCUB is just a fancy Piper, which are fun to fly. Difficult, but fun.

Watch all the randoms who doesnt have access to the expert server go to the casual server and spawn at KLAX 🤦‍♀️

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We need Alaska Bush Flying Club

This was the first thing I thought of, when they released a teaser of the Xcub.

Here is very interesting kitfox video, looks genuine.

What about training server?