Which server should I fly on?

I’m debating with myself on whether I should do more flights in expert or training. I don’t see the benefit in expert, except for other people’s realism. But the atc on training server (sometimes) is just fine with me. I have rarely any problems on training server. Would I benefit more on expert? Let me know why.

In the end it is up to you to judge weather you are ready for the expert server or not. Follow all rules other wise if your in ATC airspace you will be gone (ghosted for 1 week).


I’m fully ready for it. I fly just fine on it, and i have good flying skills, i just don’t know which server I should fly on.

Why are you asking here then? It’s up to you. Best ATC is one Expert and TS is where people are “training” to become better pilots or ATC. Causal is a free for all.


On Expert you get ATIS (if ATC is available) where on the Training Server, you don’t get ATIS. Also on Expert, there is also a bit more realism. ATC is better and other pilots are respectful to everyone else on the server.


lol that is so true

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Benefit in expert is quality controllers who actually know what they’re doing and RULES.


I’ll say Expert Server

Depends what you want. Casual is for messing around, training is for practicing and expert is for flying professional. Whatever you want to do, you choose accordingly.

If ATCs on TS are fine for you, and you don’t see the added value of the expertise of Expert IFATCs, then Training Server is a great place to fly. On TS the ‘preferred’ airports are almost always staffed and there may well me more traffic than on Expert.

If you’re nervous about getting violations and you have no mrga desire to have ATCs on airports, then Casual server is a wonderful place to fly.

Have fun 👍🏼

If you are more serious fly on expert if you are serious but worried about getting reported or violations or you are still practicing, fly on training, if you want to just fly around for fun and do whatever you want go on casual but there may be some restrictions on casual still but I do not know if there are

If your a grade 3 I would say expert but if you like to have a bit more freedom head right on to the training server!

I benefit expert most, as there are a lot more variety there in many ways, we get many different airports to fly to, expert have the best atc, even if you don’t have problems with the training atc, and it is just a better experience overall than training.

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If you play infinite flight, then I suggest you play on the training server. If you consider infinite flight as a flight simulator, I think you have the right frame of mind to fly in expert server.

If you think you know it all, go expert, if you are feeling less confident, go training

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