Which server do you prefer? (poll)

  • Casual server
  • Training server
  • Expert server
  • What’s a server?

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Expert servers the only place to get professionalism for your flights I’d say along with good atc and traffic and nobody can take the biscuit because they’ll be ghosted so it doesn’t ruin it for others especially if recording your flight.


Hey! You have been posting a bunch of polls recently. This poll isn’t really needed. I’ll let the mods decide on if this should stay.

Good and bad points for both.

On expert, you have all the professional IFATCs who know exactly what they’re doing, and will guide you safely and smoothly into a safe touch down. People on expert tend to listen more due to the fact that they can be ghosted and reported etc, so you don’t have that one annoying user who approaches the runway with a 20kn tailwind whilst everyone else is coming in from the other end.

That being said, training server also has its upsides, most of the time the amount of airports with ATC open will be twice or even three times as much as that on expert. Albeit they might not be as professional (though I have seen some pretty bloody good ones on training!), it’s always nice to have the option of flying to multiple places in Europe/America.

Depends on what you feel like really, I still prefer expert xD


I’m with expert FYI.

I prefer the expert because we have a little organization people try to follow the rules of aviation to make the game as real as possible, I was at the training server a few days ago after about 5 months, and I must say that the day I was there almost everyone I saw, respected the rules as much as possible, I did not see anybody taxiing more than 30kt, and for the controllers from my point of view, I would say that most of the time they are not the problem, some pilots do them they look like bad ATC, I’m going to explain why, first it’s not all the controllers that are there, are bad, we all went through before IFATC and we had very difficult times, the problem is that people think of it as being a place where any one can come in and do ATC being good or not, we think they are all bad.
I already saw people in a very busy airport (KLAX), the controllers says “hold short rwy XX” after spending only 2 minutes you will see them enter the runway completely ignoring the ATC, and this creates a great confusion, something else is , we have many pilots coming out of Casual and for the first time they will have contact with ATC and do not know how to respond and much more (I know you are going to say that’s why we call it training) that’s true, but I would say who knows how to communicate with ATC should be patient and show the example to those who have just arrived in Grade 2, I have seen experienced people completely ignoring the ATC instructions.
remember a good pilot always learns

Casual server lol because I’m a Grade 1. If I was higher grade, I’d choose Training or Expert because they are way more professional.

I prefer expert as it is more professional when dealing with not only IFATC but also other pilots. I can be in a commercial aircraft and just be followed by a fighter for a few minutes. The professionalism with pattern work is also great. I have well over a dozen times landed with others doing pattern work. They gave me enough room to land before they did. None of that stuff would happen on training except in rare moments.

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yes I used to be afraid of expert bc I have been ghosted before but I tried it again and I found I had Gained some knowledge. of you are grade 3 and afraid of the expert server, dive right in! it is a learning experience.

What is a server? XD

umm I think the poll is here to stay

That’s fine then, the mods have better judgement.

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Yes we can agree on that.

To tell the truth, I think I love the expert server for my VA flights and training server for my scenic flights :) . Also I love the casual server for comic relief (just go to KLAX and you’ll know what I mean 😉)

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