Which San Francisco Bay Area Airport is Your Favorite?

I just flew into OAK a couple days ago and it is super efficient, but SFO is my favorite due to all the variety. Also, SJC is like the bay areas Ontario Airport in SoCal. Just wanted to say that lol.

Does Ontario have more than one long haul destination?

Is Ontario Airport surrounded by a lot of good things? I know San Jose is surrounded by A LOT of technology.

Next time you fly into the Bay Area, you should fly to SJC! :D

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My local airport isn’t serviced by southwest :(

OAK is still better service wise :)

I would flip these two around. DCA is more of a focus city for AA, and BWI is definitely a hub for SWA.

So out of the Bay Area airports, you like SJC the least?
And Btw, what do you mean service-wise?

Hub for

  • American Airlines

Focus City for

  • Southwest Airlines
  • Spirit Airlines

Southwest has a large presence at BWI, but might not want to label it as a hub, since they do not have hubs (in a sense).

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Technically you are correct, but from what I see every time I spot, Southwest has more of a hub operation at BWI (35 gates and 3 concourses), and AA has closer to a focus city in DCA (20ish gates and 2 concourses).

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Now we are talking about Chesapeake Bay Area Airports xD

DCA is a smaller airport, so it may have less gates available. In addition, BWI serves the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, and is a bigger airport. This may be why the two airlines’ presence are different.

Not only does DCA have less gates, it’s also slot restricted. However, AA is building a regional jet terminal which I believe adds about 12 more gates. That’s should allow them to expand more.

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I wasn’t saying that as a bad thing lol. ONT used to be my home airport. SJC and ONT are both near mountains and both have two runways and are a major airport for Southwest. And when you depart from Ontario, you have a beautiful view of the Los Angeles Basin, so yes ONT is surrounded by good things.

You should also include KTPA

With Miami? They’re about 204 miles apart.

A safe way to define a city with multiple airports is if they don’t have scheduled commercial flights to each other…


Ah, but SJC is bigger than ONT in terms of passenger traffic and destinations
And it has a right loop when departing!

Companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, PayPal, Intel, Cisco, etc are in the area surrounding SJC

SJC sits right in the middle of a tech capital

I don’t think SJC is anything like ONT other than the fact that it has 2 parallel runways, is surrounded my hills and Southwest is the dominant carrier.

Hopefully you come to SJC sometime after you’ve been to both SFO and OAK

San Francisco International is an amazing airport, but you can’t really compare it directly to San Jose.

If you’re talking about convenience, SFO could also be in the lead because they have more staff, more space to walk around, more signs, and you can get through immigration and security quickly on good days. I’ve flown from both and departed both multiple times before, and I can say that while SFO has bad days when the lines are long, SJC does too.

There are many places to visit in San Francisco as well, so if we’re talking about the actual city it’s in, San Francisco probably wins.

Also, the flights. SFO has so many more flights a day to various countries including China, Israel, India, the UAE, and more. SJC only has flights to Mexico, Canada, China, Japan, the UK, and domestic flights. There are so many more options from SFO which makes it easier to fly nonstop.

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It looks like SFO won this poll! Go check out my New York City Airport poll!

That airport has so many delays. The only time I see that it is more convenient than San Jose is its amount of destinations

But if San Jose has nonstops to those destinations, they are more convenient, especially for business travelers

San Jose has less nonstops to many destinations though, making it inconvenient for many travelers. Also, San Jose is a huge tech city, but San Francisco has many companies too so it depends.

Also, San Francisco has delays just like any other large airport. Most of those delays aren’t even in the airport’s control, because they’re due to low clouds or wind conditions that only allow two of the runways to be used.

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But the SJC custom is terrible, compared to SFO. The SJC custom and border security is very hostile to Chinese int’l students.
I flew back to China during my vacation. The SJC border control wants to question me why I flew back so often. I mean, It is legal to flew back to China multiple times a year. How many times I flew back is none of your business. I go back home often because I miss my family and old friends!!! SFO and LAX never ask about it. That’s why SJC is bad.

Why don’t you say that an airport custom worker is bad? Why are you blaming it on the airport?

Many US Customs Patrol Officers are very paranoid because they want to keep the US as secure as possible. Some are more paranoid than others. You probably just got unlucky. Don’t blame an airport for a bad worker.

Just like don’t blame United because a flight attendant killed a puppy. That’s on the flight attendant. Not United. (@GlobalFlyer1 I defended your favorite airline 😂)