Which San Francisco Bay Area Airport is Your Favorite?

BA is making good money on the SJC-LHR flights
A lot of passengers connect between Silicon Valley and London for business

Everytime I take a peek inside their B789, the airplane is pretty much full. In my knowledge, SJC-LHR is the second most popular international route from SJC, behind GDL.


@BigBert10 in this topic is like me in the vote for the next aircraft topic. Trying to convince people why one thing is better than another 😜

SFO all the way. Although I do like SJC. Granted, I’ve never been to the Bay Area IRL.


Nice Edit Ethan, I. Like. It. 😜

But both are great and have their fair share of ups and downs, worth visit both to see what the difference is, and get the full experience of the Bay Area’s airports as a whole, Oakland included… sort of ;)

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I have a confession. I have never flown with Southwest before

Washington has 3 airports, as BWI serves Baltimore and Washington.

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It seems like DCA is always the way to go for domestic flights, partially due to its proximity from downtown. That would be my DC vote.

I already made a topic about the NYC airports before I went there a couple of months ago, so you can look and see. JFK vs. LGA

KBWI agreed

DCA is closer to downtown, but Dulles has (most of) the long hauls. Each airport is a hub/focus city for an airline, DCA is a hub for American (inherited from US Airways), IAD is a hub for United, and BWI is a focus city for Southwest. So, the prices of flying, frequency of flights, and destinations can vary based on airport.

So you really can’t go wrong.

Whenever you do fly to the Bay Area irl, stop by SJC :D

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Only flown through the Bay Area, once on my way to New Zealand MSO-DEN-SFO-AKL, and I have to say I was pretty impressed with SFO’s terminals

The only thing about SFO’s terminals that I can see are better than SJC’s terminals are the fact that they are easily connected to each other meaning it doesn’t take forever to get from one tunnel to the other.

I flew Virgin America (RIP) to SFO and connected to a China Airlines flight to Taipei (you already know this xD).

It was pretty easy to connect between terminals.

True, and dammit I forgot Chicago…

I mean, another 4 runway major airport, JFK, is getting one runway resurfaced for a whole 7 months, not just 1/2 a month, and it’s delays haven’t gone up much at all.

JFK is different from SFO

SFO is overcrowded (running out of room because of United), it gets affected by low clouds a lot, a runway is getting resurfaced, and it doesn’t do well in bad weather

This is why I say it is more convenient at SJC

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You… wha… huh…


I think you mistyped JFK* and Jetblue*. All jokes aside, maybe the issue isn’t as bad at JFK but JFK suffers from all of those problems.

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I just flew from San Jose to New York JFK this past weekend. I was making the decision before whether I should book from SFO or SJC, but SJC was smaller which makes it more convient for me and the fares were actually cheaper from SJC to JFK instead SFO to JFK. And I was living in the Sunnyvale area for my vacation which is closer to SJC. So obviously went with SJC.

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I like to compare the bay area airports to New York metroploitan airports. JFK, EWR, and LGA. Here, I like JFK the best.