Which San Francisco Bay Area Airport is Your Favorite?

There is also Phoenix that has Sky Harbor, Mesa Gateway and of you count it Tucson.

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Lot of people associate me with San Jose, but I love San Francisco just as much ;)

So if I could, I’d vote for both, but I’d have to go with San Francisco since I fly from there most of the times


Tuscon’s about 100 or so miles from Phoenix… seems a bit too far.

In comparison, BWI is 24 miles from DCA.

Ya kiddin’? Nothing beats those parallels!


sorry @BigBert10, sfo is still better.

Except for the fact that the airport can be very inconvenient (unless you come from a different country)

Don’t get me started on those low clouds and the fact that 28L is going to be down for a while

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You are again convincing people to switch to SJC aren’t you @BigBert10 😝? I’m sorry but after I visited SFO myself, it’s a amazing airport. Most aviators might care more about the airplanes, but I myself also enjoy designs. Gotta admit, SFO nailed it with the terminal design. Just take a glance at the tower, it’s beautiful. Next take a look at the terminal building. Also look at the airport design itself. It’s compact! I like it! It’s not like very huge airports where you can’t navigate easily through multiple terminals. Don’t forget the multiple airlines serving SFO that make the airport a literal rainbow 🌈. Also when you depart you can say hi to karl the fog! I need to admit I haven’t visited SJC, but I don’t think it could beat SFO when it comes to this. SJC is probably still a nice airport, but SFO is better in my opinion. Probably one of the best I visited. how many words was that???


Has anyone been in SFO’s new terminal?

You mean the Alaska Airlines Terminal that’s still under construction?

Chicago has O hare and Midway (KORD, KMDW)

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While everyone is fighting about KSFO and KSJC, OAK is getting absolutely no attention in this thread 🤣🤣🤣

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Ok, compared to SFO:

  • SJC is more convenient meaning that you are less likely to be delayed if you fly to/from SJC. SFO normally gets delayed really often mainly because of the low clouds looming over the airport from the nearby bay. Pretty much the only delays and cancellations that occur at SJC are mostly because of issues within the airlines, not because of the airport.
  • You have not seen the terminal inside SJC yet. The floor is made from marble, the terminal is filled with techy stuff, and there are a lot of restaurant options to choose from.
  • SJC is mostly known by aviators for its famous TECKY THREE departure, the “right loop” which takes airplanes south before turning back to their flight plans.
  • SJC is good especially if you want to visit Silicon Valley or do business. Since SJC is located right in the heart of Silicon Valley, business travelers choose SJC because of its close proximity to many of the famous companies. Apple, Google, Intel, Facebook, PayPal, Cisco, Verizon, etc all have locations right in Silicon Valley meaning travelers could have a quick drive to SJC to get to where they need to be without getting stuck in traffic on the way to SFO. And with the convenience the airport has, travelers can rely on SJC to get them to their destinations on time.
  • SJC is one of the biggest growing airports in the United States. Every year, more and more routes are getting added from Silicon Valley’s Airport. We would’ve been around the same level as San Diego if it wasn’t for 9/11.
  • SJC recently surpassed its traveler record of 14.3 million passengers, the most it has had since 9/11. With the increasing surge of annual passengers, SJC still keeps up with its convenience by adding 6 new gates all for Southwest Airlines, the biggest airline at SJC. Along with the 6 new gates, Southwest gave up some old gates allowing for Alaska (2nd biggest) and Delta (3rd biggest) to takeover.
  • Delta Airlines has recently made the airport a focus city. Delta Airlines loves SJC to the point where we are now a focus city for them. So all of you complaining about low-costs can now see that a legacy carrier is turning SJC into a focus city as well.
  • SFO has ocean views upon landing but when you land at SJC at night, you could get good views of the beautiful city-lights of San Jose whereas if you land at SFO at night, you would see nothing.
  • The airport is also very beautifully designed with a lot of space so that the airport doesn’t feel too crowded, even at its busiest times where the terminal would be packed.
  • SJC is also a good GA airport so any GA lovers can stop by SJC and do some patterns! :D


The best parts about SJC compared to SFO are that it is more convenient and you get to experience a really cool departure if you fly from SJC.

SJC is also a good general aviation airport for you GA lovers. They allow you to do patterns while that is normally not allowed at SFO.

This is why I believe that SJC is the best airport out of the 3 Bay Area Airports.


Goood point, but no way changing to SJC lol nice try

Hopefully when you stop by SJC irl, you would see just how amazing that airport is
But right now, since you only went to SFO >:( I can see how you are biased with it

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I mean I’m probably way biased because of these reasons

  1. Me and my brother were literally dreaming to go to San Francisco one day

  2. We spent most of our time goin around San Francisco and the city literally awes me. Did you know they display videos taken daily at San Francisco onto the Salesforce tower? That’s crazy!!!

  3. I begged my parents to go to Silcon Valley, but San Francisco traffic sucks so I missed the chance :(

  4. I generally prefer huge compact airports like Haneda, Kansai, Hong Kong, etc

Also I’m not quite sure if it’s easier to go to SJC than SFO

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It’s easier to go to SJC if you want to visit Silicon Valley that’s for sure
And SJC is way better if you are flying in for business reasons. Every time I go to SJC, I see a lot of people in business suits

If I were to fly to the Bay Area, I’d be a International tourist, and really would prefer and find SFO to be the most convenient, efficient and effective airports to travel to.

I’d put my Star Alliance points on the table and get myself a comfy Classy flight to San Francisco Int’l. And about delays @BigBert10, yeah, I’ve been stranded, 15hrs delayed, forced to sleep on the cold concrete floor with staff having not much info to give when I was in Abu Dhabi about a decade ago, now I hope that airport has changed since in customer service and unless SFO can beat that, I don’t mind being up to 6hrs late at SFO. I’ve been in worse case even when going my train… trust me, being late on arrival or departure at SFO is least of my headaches is I were to fly into the Bay Area from abroad ✈️

Not SJC’s fault at all, but LH withdrawing their service to San Jose is a draw back for me to, so until what the future has in store, my eyes are on a flight to SFO, if I ever visit the Bay Area.


Cities with over 3 airports in it?

Seattle? Nope
Los Angeles: KLAX, KONT, KLGB(TQ), KSNA,
San Francisco: KSFO, KSJC, KOAK.
Dallas: KDFW, KDAL, KADS offers charter flights… but that’s not one.
Houston: KHOU, KIAH, and a few charters…
I find it funny that the world’s biggest airport, has no other commercial airports in its vicinity.
Orlando: KSFB, KMCO, KISM, I cant find fights here though, I remember I was there years ago when I was 6, watching a plane land…
Miami: The Cities are too close to tell the difference 😅
Washington: KIAD, KDCA…
New York: KLGA, KJFK, KEWR… If you ever wanted to go in a helicopter, trust me do it here, I have…


So if there are more flights to SJC from Europe, you would consider flying to the airport?
Because Delta recently made SJC a focus city which means there is a chance we could get more European routes with AFKLM

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It’s the terminal next to one of the International terminals… I think the old Southwest terminal.