Which routes/airlines do you most frequently fly on?

The title says it all. I am just curious, personally I most frequently fly between Brisbane and Sydney with Qantas. Usually on the 738!

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I wish I could fly frequently…

I mean out of the flights that you do fly!

IVL-HEL with Finnair. Airbus A320 family or Embraer E-190.

Various Caribbean destinations mainly out of BWI formerly with USA 3000, but now I fly Southwest

LHR-JFK mostly with Virgin Atlantic on their B747 or A340. Sometimes with BA on their B747. ( Virgin Atlantic best).

Also fly to Hamburg a lot which is usually with Easy Jet or Eurowings on their A320.

MAA - XXX - DOH every year and back :((. It has been MUS, DXB, CMB, BOM, DEL till now.

For the most frequent, its Emirates. :D

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Probably LAX (or other surrounding airports) to SFO or OAK

most of the time when I go on break would be YVR-HKG-YVR

Düsseldorf - somewhere in Spain
Air Berlin, Condor A320 family

Salzburg / Munich - Mediterranean destinations pretty much each summer and
Salzburg - Düsseldorf once in a while to visit relatives.

Airlines are Airberlin / Niki, Lufthansa and Condor.

Very often from Duesseldorf (EDDL) to:

Istanbul Sabiha Goekçen (LTFJ)

and from Istanbul to:

Kayseri (ASR)

With Pegasus Airlines or Turkish Airlines B738

The flight I do the most is JFK-SYR (Syracuse) with a JetBlue A320 or E-190.

Man, I wish I could fly often! There are never cheap fares out of my airport, or else I would!

I usually fly between KMSN and Laguardia often, (md-88) and I also fly on BA between chicago and Heathrow a lot. Either a B744, or a B772/W

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