Which route

Which of these routes should I take Dubai to Los Angeles

Look at the winds on the way there, take winds going from West to East, I would recommend looking at windy.com it is a great site just set the altitude to FL340 and decide which way to go 😊

I just checked and if I were you, I would take the Northernmost route as you have Jetstream that would slow you down if you chose the southernmost

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I suggest you to take the one which goes over the Arctic because this route is shorter than the other one !
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The trick to flying out of DOH/AUH/DXB is to fly over to the left of qatar then continue on northbound to moscow then continue straight on from there.

If you do it like this you’ll be perfectly fine.

You can also search for any real flights on a flight tracker. For example, Emirates operates on the route DXB-LAX as EK215.
You can then see the flown route on Flightradar24:

(dashed red line = direct route; purple line / dashed grey line = actually flown route)

However, the easiest way is probably to just create a flight plan. There are some helpful sites that do exactly that, such as Simbrief.com and/or fpltoif.com. The automatically created flight plan should then give you the best possible route based on all circumstances, which you can quickly copy into Infinite Flight.

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To answer your question:

Am I teaching you nothing if I tell you that the earth is a sphere? the maps used are therefore representations. More specifically for aeronautical charts, Mercator representations, they are conical to faithfully represent the scales. Try to draw a short route between 2 points located opposite the base of the cone, you will pass in the direction of the top.

The long-haul routes follow what are called the great circles, go and see the difference between Orthtodromy and loxodromy route on the internet, and you can do better than simbrief which is already brilliant!

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