Which retired plane would you ride on?

I think it would be cool to take a flight on the a300, or the a310.


Any variant of the 747, 727, 707 and maybe a DC-10

lol good point, do not include birds.

dc-6 and the dc-3 the old
Troop transport warbirds

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A300 and MD-11

The Concorde was grounded for more reasons not only that, but it had a toll in the retirement. I’d love to fly the MD-11

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DC-10 which has gone Through maintenance checks one thousand times

L1011 Tristar!!!

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1933 Flagg


If it counts, the Tupolev Tu-154


I’d love to go on Concorde! I’d love to break the sound barrier in style 😎


Concorde, who doesnt want to fly ~60000 ft at Mach2?


I love that plane!

So I have a question, When aircraft fly higher, its speed decrease more due to air pressure right?

Md-11 American and DC-9 Texas Airlines.

No, less air means less air resistance and allows the plane to go faster, but the IAS will read lower.

But the airspeed is slower

IAS is not the only indication of speed.

MaxSez, “None”. I schedule Commercial by Tyoe. After my last go to Hawaii I’ll never fly a B-777 again!

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@Kevinlu11… MaxSez: Basic Flight Physics. Suggest you get a copy of: “The Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge”. Available free from faa.gov!

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