Which region is the biggest in IF?

If it’s SoCal, would that explain why it’s generally the most active?

This would prove or disprove my theory as to why I think it’s the most active in IF. Well that and maybe because FDS LLC has its roots there 😊🤔

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Chicago is the biggest.


Hawaii is biggest in land area.

Chicago has the most airports.

The global one


FDS is based in Sanfran ;)


Those are two different things bud.
It’s not the biggest region but it’s pretty popular on the TS1. :)

In terms of landmass, probably Chicago or Amsterdam.

Hawaii for longest straights though,

Singapore is quite big

Chicago or Singapore I think… might be wrong on the second.

Acording to ATC Frequencies for me I think the biggest ones are:
Southern Claifornia, Caribbean, Hawaii, Denver, Seattle, Singapour and Some of the ones in Europe

According to size the biggest is between Hawaii and Chicago ;)


On their linkedin page it says founded in 2010 and headquartered in Los Angeles CA.

What is Socal?🤔😞

Southern California

chicago is the biggest region with like 545 airports

The amount of uncontrolled airports in Chicago is amazing, I usually remove them off the map, as I can’t see my flight plan through them. 😂

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