Which region has the best challenging airports?

Try landing at 21W in any GA plane, it’s harder than Aspen ;)


59CA San Francisco region, runway 36

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i like TFFJ and KASE

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Denver region. :)

I’ll have to try that one.

Try this:

Uploaded it a few days ago!

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Did you mean 59CA? If so great recommendation, a small dirt strip, runway length 1320ft.
Thanks for informing me about this place, I would have never noticed it.
I couldn’t locate nor could I find 56CA.
When looking up 56CA it comes up as Los Angeles Times heliport.

My bad, it’s 59CA ;)

Thanks for the download

Especially under the Denver event…Where you there?

Nah bro. Wished, couldn’t make it.

Its was crazy with gusting winds up to 40kts

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Nice! Never landed in that much wind before.

either have i…low visibiliy also…Was crazy

The most I landed in was 24 knots.

WMBT runway 20, best approach. In Singapore & Kuala Lumpur if you did not know :)

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Sounds Interesting, I’ll have to give it a go.

You will have fun 😉

Follow up.
@Samuel123abc the approach to rwy 20 was fun, flying along the coast on decent while subtly making that right turn to final, awesome.
I departed rwy 02 with a climbing left turn after takeoff.

Airport: WMBT
Aircraft: C-172
Wind: Calm
Server: Playground
Time: Noon

I posted this the other day on another thread, but with regards to 59CA, heres a tough landing I executed in a 737-900. I plan on nailing it in a 0 weight 747-8, but will take some more practice!