Which region has the best challenging airports?

Lately I’ve been flying the C-208 in the Caribbean region and found some of the best small airports to practice departures and approaches.
Personal favorites: TKPN, TRPG, TAPH, TNCE, TFNJ, TFFJ and TFFC.

I havnt purchased all the regions on IF so I’m unaware of any other regions that have similar or complicated challenges.

What’s your personal favorites?

Denver has the hardest airports. Try Aspen RWY33, super tough approach.


Try landing at 21W in any GA plane, it’s harder than Aspen ;)


59CA San Francisco region, runway 36

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i like TFFJ and KASE

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Denver region. :)

I’ll have to try that one.

Try this:

Uploaded it a few days ago!

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Did you mean 59CA? If so great recommendation, a small dirt strip, runway length 1320ft.
Thanks for informing me about this place, I would have never noticed it.
I couldn’t locate nor could I find 56CA.
When looking up 56CA it comes up as Los Angeles Times heliport.

My bad, it’s 59CA ;)

Thanks for the download

Especially under the Denver event…Where you there?

Nah bro. Wished, couldn’t make it.

Its was crazy with gusting winds up to 40kts

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Nice! Never landed in that much wind before.

either have i…low visibiliy also…Was crazy

The most I landed in was 24 knots.

WMBT runway 20, best approach. In Singapore & Kuala Lumpur if you did not know :)

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Sounds Interesting, I’ll have to give it a go.

You will have fun 😉