Which region for Tuesday is busiest

On Tuesday I will be flying to the South America region for the fist time since 2018 and I need to know which part of South America that is featured on Tues would usually be busiest? I also know that if it has a ( * ) next to it it usually means that it might be busy.


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I’m thinking SKBO will probably be the busiest. Could also see decent numbers at MPTO, MUHG, and TJSJ.

I imagine TNCM will get packed the second it opens. As for hubs I’m not 100% sure.

I would see SKBO being the busiest airport

And MROC, TJSJ, and MPTO being also busy!

Use the in-app inbound count or IFATC.org. There’s no need for all these topics asking about the busiest airports.


But I need to know which would be busiest before hand so I have them planned and ready. I plan usually around my schedule so I need a specific flight time in order to schedule my flights.

Generally the airports listed first on the featured airports list will be the busiest, so for example:


Hanoi (VVNB), Ho Chi Minh City (VVTS), Can Tho (VVCT), Chu Lai (VVCA), Phu Quoc (VVPQ), Kaohsiung (RCKH), Haikou (ZJHK), Nanning (ZGNN), Yangon (VYYY)

Featured Airline: Vietnam Airlines

Since Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are listed first (and are the biggest cities in the list), they will most likely be the busiest.



Route 1: Los Angeles* (KLAX) - San Francisco* (KSFO)
Route 2: San Jose (KSJC) - San Diego (KSAN)
Route 3: Seattle* (KSEA) - Portland (KPDX)

Because these are all famous airports in IF, they will all be busy (but LAX will probably come out top).

Also, how about flying to the less popular airports? I have nothing against you, but it would be terribly redundant if we’re always flying to the same hubs.


Even if they are busy or not, fly to other airports that are not the busiest :)

Other controllers will be happy to see traffic arriving to their airport.

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Adding on to what others said before, typically the well known airports are the busiest.

If you look down the bottom of the Schedule it says this:

 * *denotes airports that should not be opened by controllers in the check ride phase*

The astix is for new controllers, they dont depict which airport will be the busiest.

Hope this helps and also if you have any questions then feel free to DM me.
Always here to help.



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