Which Planes Remain Stable When You Engage or Disengage the Autopilot?

Which planes remain stable when you engage or disengage the autopilot? A lot of the planes nosedive when you engage or disengage autopilot.


Personally I´ve seen the A320,777,787 and CCX not having those issues - There´s a slight chance it´s the only aircrafts I feel safe flying but yeah, thats the one I don´t have an issue with.


You need to set the trim until the little purple bar on the trim button is gone, then disengage autopilot.


What about engaging the autopilot?


Do you know about the Dash 8?

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No idea, I don´t really fly that plane


You shouldn’t have an issue with engaging autopilot, Laura added a smooth transition in one of the previous updates.

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I thought it was only for the 777, 787, and CCX?


Almost all of the non-airliners (cessnas, fighters) do

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Most new plane are stable. Especially on landing flaps.

Dash 8 doesn’t along with the ones listed in comments above.

So it remains stable?

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No, it’s for all planes.

Ah, so that’s why the 747 I watched my friend fly today didn’t nosedive.

No plane is nosediving anymore when you engage the Autopilot, Laura fixed this bug in the last Update.

A380 is fine i have tested it so many times with autopilot

I usually put the trim on about 20 to 30% up, that way it usually dosen’t nosedive when i disengage the autopilot. Also be a bit prepared to tilt your device up a bit when disengaging it! :)

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the embraces don’t nose dive either :)

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not true :) it still happens all the time

It never happens for me anymore.