Which planes have you mastered landings on?

I can butter pretty much every plane, except the spitfire

I just did a -4 fpm landing in CRJ-200. I am not kidding. Unfortunately, I do not have a screenshot.


The A320 family and the 737 family. Best with the 737-900


the 737’s are amazing because you can fly so slow in them for landings


My two is 737 and 787.
I use them the most

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For me:

737 (all variants)


CRJ (all variants)






These are the aircraft that I can fairly consistently land smoothly without bouncing or floating no matter what the weather conditions are. I am able to land well in most other aircraft in the sim (Spitfire and XCub included), but I don’t feel as if I have entirely mastered them yet.


Crj family, 737 family, A-10, P38, C-130 and my favorite: the F-16!

everything else i tend to float.

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I have mastered all


737 family, a320, 788, 789, 777 fam, (especially 77W), CRJ-7,CRJ-9

I’ve mastered the MD-11 and the CRJ series. I’ve nearly mastered the 737-7/8 landings as well.

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All of the widebodies.

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Well the Commercial and Cargo aircraft including all of the CRJ series and Q400, The C172, CCX, TBM, And thats it.

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Every plane surprisingly, but I’m still working on the XCub.

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Mine was A380,744,MD11 :)

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A320, 737, and the 777 all have pretty consistent landings of less than -150 FPM. The plane that I could use some work on is the Dreamliner. For some reason I find it hard to land.

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There’s always a way to improve you landings on whichever aircraft I fly. The other day it’s better or worse than the previous one.

The aircraft I’ve mastered are the A320, 777 and TBM. It’s just the thing I like to fly them for several reasons.

I’m currently mastering the xcub. Those landings are still a bit bumpy but there are some progress!

The 787 (any variant) mostly 8. I have jinxed myself 😉

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