Which planes have Reverse Thrust

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I’m interested in finding out which planes support the reverse thrust feature in infinite flight.


Every airliner. I believe the spitfire, the 172, and the X-Cub are the only ones that don’t.

I may be wrong

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I believe that every plane with “jet” engines + the Q400 has reverse thrust


Every turbofan/turboprop passenger aircraft. Jet fighters+A10 and GA aircraft don’t have it.


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These posts have been very helpful

I am pretty sure Q400 has it.

I said “turboprop”.

I know, Q400 is a turboprop

If it’s a turbine then it has reverse thrust for the high landing speed unlike a reciprocating engine which is piston driven.

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And please do go ahead and correct me if I’m mistaken.

The TBM and the Cessna Caravan also have reverse :D

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Tan Tan Taaaaaaaan I stand corrected!!

I don’t think reverse thrust really matters what kind of engine it is. I think it’s just added if it’s needed

I opened IF today. It seems any jet engine plane has the feature

Yes, every jet aircraft (at least the major ones) have reverse thrust. They all land at fast speeds so need it not to overrun runways.

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