Which plane to use for a 4-6 hour flight

I want to fly a 4-6 hour flight at max. I want a modern plane that will be fast, good but not oversized for a medium haul flight. Any reccomendations?

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737 or A320/A321?

I would fly whatever plane is used on that route IRL


757-200 787-8

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Do a good ‘ol american transcon in the 757.

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The 737-800, 737-900, 757-200, 767-300, A321 are all good options.

MD-11F if you’re feeling old school cool
CL35 if you’re feeling snazzy
A321/B757 if you’re feeling classic


Airbus A220?

id recommend a340/757/747/787/a330/767 and the

Take a CL35 and travel in style! ;)


737, A321, 757 or 767 are good planes

However if it’s a busy / popular route, 787, 777 and even A380 could be used, for example if you are flying to dubai

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